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World War 1 - Perceptions of War


World War 1 - Perceptions of War

 A conflict of the magnitude of the First World War impacts on everyone associated with it – the political leadership, the general public on the home front and all those involved in the various theatres of war around the world. 

This pack provides a selection of resources in the form of written sources and posters which can be used in a variety of ways to examine the manner in which the war was viewed from a range of standpoints at the time.  It could also be used as a part of an investigation into aspects of change and continuity in relation to perceptions of war over time.

The web film in this pack is 90Mb in size, and will NOT play while you are downloading it. Unlike other online video, it has been designed for saving to your hard disc and viewing offline more than once (maybe in the classroom).  Please allow plenty of time to download.

You will need to register to access some of the content available. You can do so here.

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