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World War 1 - Individuals Who Served


World War 1 - Individuals Who Served

Resources included in this pack comprise a web audio file of the WW1 experiences of RL Kent, a pilot, those of George Sutcliffe, an air mechanic who served East Africa and Henry Allingham, the last veteran of the RNAS.  The written biographies are single page summaries of a number of  individuals from across the theatres of war with significant events and outcomes highlighted or expanded upon. Teachers may find the classroom resources based upon RL Kent's memories particularly useful.

The web films in this pack are 90Mb and 40Mb in size respectively, and will NOT play while you are downloading them. Unlike other online video, it has been designed for saving to your hard disc and viewing offline more than once (maybe in the classroom).  Please allow plenty of time to download.

You will need to register to access some of the content available. You can do so here.

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