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Tesco Clubcard

Part of our museum collection

Your guide to using Tesco Clubcard at Fleet Air Arm Museum

Fleet Air Arm Museum welcomes all adventurers - so get your Tesco Clubcard vouchers ready. We've put together a handy guide on how to use your vouchers, how much tickets are and how to spend them.

What tickets do you offer through Tesco Clubcard?
We offer three types of tickets through Tesco Clubcard at on the gate prices. The prices displayed below are what you would see on the day of your visit.



Child & Student
(5 -15 years old)


Concession (65+)


How it works?

  1. Select the amount of Clubcard vouchers you want to exchange on the Tesco Clubcard website.

  2. Tesco will send you two emails within 30 minutes of placing your order. Please note; this may take longer due to additional security checks required. Always check your spam box if you haven't received the email.

  3. The first email will be your Clubcard order confirmation. The second email will contain your attraction voucher. The voucher is what you need to claim your ticket.

  4. Print off your email clearly or show the voucher on your phone. Please note; you cannot use these vouchers online.

Frequently asked questions 

Do you offer a family ticket through Tesco Clubcard?
Currently, we only offer adult, child and concession attraction tickets as part of Tesco Clubcard. There are no plans to offer any family tickets through the scheme. 

Can I buy tickets through the website using Clubcard vouchers?
You can not redeem any Tesco Clubcard vouchers through the website. Bring your vouchers with you on the day to redeem in our visitor centre.

Why are online prices through the Fleet Air Arm Museum website different to those on the gate?
Online prices through the Fleet Air Arm Museum website are 20% off the gate price. Tesco Clubcard vouchers are redeemed in the Visitor Centre only and are subject to the same on the gate prices.

How do I redeem Tesco Clubcard points for vouchers?
You must visit the Tesco Clubcard website in the first instance to redeem your Clubcard points against Fleet Air Arm Museum vouchers. Once you have redeemed the correct amount, bring your voucher email along with you on the day to our visitor centre where you can exchange them for an attraction ticket.

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