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Youth Groups

Scouts taking part in a 'Make & Paint' activity Scouts taking part in a 'Make & Paint' activity

Scouting, Guiding and Cadet Forces

The Fleet Air Arm Museum is a very popular venue for Youth Groups and we find these groups use the Museum thoroughly. The Museum can offer presentations and workshops, Air & Aviation activity programmes to support badge work and special discounts to pre-booked groups.

Staff input is possible during term time and the school holidays with sufficient notice. Otherwise self-guided resources are available to support your badge work (see below).

For further information on Youtth Groups and/or to make a booking please contact the Group Bookings Officer on 01935 842633 or email

Our Scouting trails have been written to match the Air Activities Staged Badge. The trails will help all in scouting to begin to complete a section of their badge by using aircraft and objects on display in the museum. If you are interested in completing your whole badge at the museum, why not book in for one of model building workshops, or arrange a talk or demonstration.

Scout Badge Trails Scout Badge Trails

All trails are currently unavailable to download - New trails coming soon!

Click on the links below to download the relevant trails.

Air Activities Stage 1

This activity book helps you discover the history and science behind Concorde. Your trail will take you through Concorde 002, the second Concorde every built!

Air Activities Stage 2

This trail can cover all the section you need to complete stage 2 of your badge. We recommend you bring a camera with you to collect pictures of the aircraft you research, there is space to stick the pictures in your trail.

Air Activities Stage 3

Complete this trail to understand key aircraft terminology and to complete in depth research of 6 aircraft. We recommend you bring a camera with you to collect pictures of the aircraft you research, there is space to stick the pictures in your trail.

ATC Taunton 41F Squadron ATC Taunton 41F Squadron

Cadets from Taunton's 41F (Taunton & District) Squadron of the Air Training Corps visit to the Museum. The visit was in partnership with the Museum's Visitor Services Department who have been working with 41F to help expand and improve cadet training in technical subjects such as the theory of flight and aero engines. Officer Commanding 41F, Flight Lieutenant Phil Smith, said:
"We offer our cadets a wide variety of experiences including the chance to learn about aeroplanes, and we are always looking for better ways to do this. The Museum devised a programme for us which enabled the cadets to see how theory is put into practice on the real thing. Above all, the cadets had a chance to design and fly model aeroplanes including one launched by catapult from a rolling and pitching aircraft carrier deck. The day was a great success for staff and cadets alike and will become a regular part of our training programme".



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