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Double Launch at Museum during April Half Term and Easter Holidays.

26 April 2017

The Museum is delighted to announce the formal opening of a new interactive within the Jutland 1916 exhibition. The occasion was of particular significance as the interactive was funded by SOFFAAM, the Society of Friends of the Fleet Air Arm Museum, who also as part of the event launched its own family membership – a brand new society initiative for 2017.

The new interactive game in our Jutland - World War 1 exhibition gives visitors the opportunity to shoot down a Zeppelin!  Flying a Sopwith Baby, a full size example of which is located next to the game, you can battle enemy aircraft before taking on the mighty airship.  It also demonstrates how small the Baby was in comparison to the aircraft and airships it did combat with and underlines the courage of the pilots who flew it.

The interactive was opened by Eachan Hardie and his family, who have become the Society’s first family members. The Society of Friends have recently launched a new family membership which is now available alongside the existing annual adult membership options. The new family membership is a great opportunity to encourage younger and junior members to take an interest in the society and its activities, but also the wider Museum.

Above: Eachan uses the new Interactive in Hall One.

Eachan Hardie, who wants to be a test pilot for the Fleet Air Arm, had previously written to Capt. Eric Brown asking for advice as to how he could follow in his footsteps and received a warm reply from his hero, with a number of further letters exchanged between the pair. Eachan more recently campaigned to save the Capt. Brown Medal and Archive Collection, now part of the collection at the Museum.

SOFFAAM Chairman Richard Hufton commented on April 7th -  "Today has been a great opportunity for 'The Society of Friends' to announce our new Family Membership package enabling younger enthusiasts to join us in supporting this magnificent naval aviation museum."

Museum General Manager, Marc Farrance said – “we are really pleased to have hosted Eachan and his family to mark the launch of both the interactive and the new friend’s family membership. Eachan has been inspired by his hero Capt. Brown, we hope that the launch of this new family membership will help both the society and museum to inspire other young people in the future. We are grateful for the society’s support with the interactive, this will greatly enhance what is already a superb exhibition”.

Above: The Society present the first family membership to Eachan.

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