What is Gift Aid?
If you are a UK taxpayer you can use Gift Aid to increase the value of your donation by giving authority to the charity to claim back Income Tax and/or Capital Gains Tax in line with your donation, and at no extra cost to you. As a taxpayer you will have paid tax on the income from which you donate. A Gift Aided donation allows the Charity to claim back from the government the tax you paid on that donation.

Who is eligible?
You are eligible to authorise a charity to reclaim the tax on your donation if:
1, You are an individual UK Taxpayer, and
2, The amount of tax that the charity will reclaim does not exceed the amount of tax you have paid in that tax year.

Who receives the tax refund?
The charity to whom you give your donation. You must authorise it by signing the Gift Aid declaration.

Who pays the tax refund?
Inland Revenue - from the tax that you paid them.

How much is the tax refund?
Inland Revenue will give the charity 25p for every £1.00 that you give as a donation.

What if I am a Higher Rate taxpayer?
If you pay tax at the Higher Rate, Inland Revenue will give back 40p for every £1.00 that you give as donation; the charity can claim 25p and you can claim the remaining 15p for yourself.

How does my donation qualify for Gift Aid?

There are many ways that a donation can qualify for gift aid, the one that the Museum are focusing on is to 'view charity property' - if a gift aid donation is made that is equivalent to your original ticket rate value, the voluntary donation qualifies for gift aid.

If I make a Gift Aid donation, can I return to the Museum later in the year?
A gift aid donation does allow you to return to the Museum as many times as you like within the 12 month period from date of purchase / donation.