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Youth Groups admission charges

PREBOOKED Self-Guided Visits to the Museum

Prices valid from 1st April 2014 

Admission - £7.50 per person
Teaching & Supervisory Staff - Free (at relevant ratio required by Guiding/Scouting Movement for age of children attending)
Additional Supervisory Staff - £7.00 per person

Downloadable resources - Free of charge

Activity Day Costings

Admission - As above

Workshops and Guided Tours- £1.50 per child per Workshop/Tour 

Click Here for more Information on Uniformed Group Activity Days


 Concorde Sleepunder Costings

Children - £28 per child (includes admission, workshops, film, overnight stay and breakfast)

Adults- Free of charge at the ratio required by the Guiding/Scouting movement for the age group visiting. Additional adults enter at £7.00 each, plus £5 for breakfast.

Click Here for more Information on Uniformed Group Concorde Sleepunders


Please note that if a visit is not pre-booked with the Learning Department then standard Museum admission charges will apply. For specialist talks, please contact us for an individual quotation.

For further information on Youth Groups and/or to make a booking please contact the Group Bookings Officer on 01935 842633 or email .


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