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Families & Home Education Groups

Home Education Group Home Education Group

A visit to the Fleet Air Arm Museum makes an excellent day out for families. We hope the information provided below will help you plan your day and provide additional resources for your visit.

Home Education Groups

The number of home education families and groups participating in activity workshops and learning programmes continues to increase. This is quite simply due to satisfied home educators recommending us to like-minded parents.

Not only do we offer all the activities available to main-stream groups, but we also furnish home education families with an individual approach to meet their needs.

We feel that our personalised service in the provision of activity programmes ensures that we meet the needs of each group yet offering an approach that makes allowance for the different ages of the children in each group.

Not only can we meet the KS 1- 4 curriculum, we can provide the individuality that the home educator seeks for their child.

For admission charges please contact Catherine Hallett on 01935 842633 or email

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