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The Falklands Conflict, 1982

The Fleet Air Arm played an instrumental role in the operation to reclaim the Falkland Islands from the invading Argentinean forces in 1982. 

As a war with a definite cause, clear aim and identifiable enemy the Falklands War makes a useful comparitive study with conflict during the Cold War or with contemporary hostilities.

This pack contains a short film that tells the story of the campaign to reclaim the Falklands (including the personal recollections of FAA, RM and Naval personnel ) and additional written materials that include maps, technology, information and images.

The web film in this pack is 101Mb in size, and will NOT play while you are downloading it. Unlike other online video, it has been designed for saving to your hard disc and viewing offline more than once (maybe in the classroom).  Please allow plenty of time to download.

A VISIT TO THE MUSEUM is an ideal way to put the resources in this pack in context using the Museum's exhibitions and activity workshops. 

A visit to the Museum is an excellent way to set the history of the Falklands War in context.  The Fly Navy 100 Exhibition includes aircraft, exhibits and information about the conflict. The Carrier Exhibition, albeit set in the 1970s, provides visitors with the chance to ‘experience' life on board an operational aircraft carrier similar to HMS Hermes. Pre-booked education groups can choose from a range of workshops and presentations to complement their visit.

Workshops and talks available at the Museum are listed in the Secondary School History and Citizenship Brochure

Of particular relevance to groups studying the Falklands War is:

The Royal Navy in Post-War Conflicts - how the RN has helped protect British interests across the globe. (1hr)


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