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Falklands 30 Exhibition

Falklands Conflict

On 2nd April 1982, the Argentinian military government embarked on a campaign to take the Falkland Islands by force.  Within days, a British military Task Force sailed for the South Atlantic led by the flagship HMS Hermes.  Over the next 74 days, with Royal Navy ships in support and Fleet Air Arm and RAF aircraft providing air cover, British troops landed on East Falkland and fought their way through to relieve the Islands' capital, Stanley.  A number of ships were sunk and over 250 British personnel lost their lives.  On 14th June 1982 the Argentinian forces surrendered.

The Falklands 30 Exhibition tells the story of the Falklands Conflict - and much, much more. In their own words, military personnel, members of their families and Falkland Islanders share their experiences. Six aircraft that operated during the campaign are on display along with other military artefacts and you can find out how much gear a Royal Marine had to fit in his Bergen [rucksack]! In the Family Learning Area you can play the Falklands Conflict game, make a 'brass' rubbing, dress up in Flight Deck uniforms and see the work that pupils from the Falkland Islands and local schools have produced in the Big Books and the Power Point Presentation.

Other exhibits in this hall

  • Sopwith Baby (N2078) Sopwith Baby (N2078)

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