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Enquiry Service and Donating

The NMRN temporarily closed its Enquiry Service at the beginning of 2019 so that our entire Curatorial Team could spend time on large scale collections moves.   Reopening the Enquiry Service was delayed by the pandemic, with our sites closed and many staff furloughed during 2020. Further collections moves have been taking place throughout 2021. As a result it is only now that the Museum is looking at how to reopen safely to Enquirers. The current hope is that we will be able to accommodate visiting researchers safely from April 2022. Please check our website nearer the end of March 2022 for information on enquiries

Offers of donation of objects or archive material should be made to [email protected] . Anyone wishing to find out details of a relative in the RNAS or the Fleet Air Arm should please note that service records for RN personnel serving up to the early 1920s are held at the National Archives. Service records for personnel serving after the early 1920s, including anyone serving during the Second World War, are closed records, held by the Ministry of Defence.

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