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Temp. Exhibition - Capt. Eric Brown Collection

The medals and log books of Captain Eric “Winkle” Brown were secured for the nation following the intervention of an incredibly generous, anonymous donor by The National Museum of the Royal Navy for display at its Fleet Air Arm Museum.

The medals go on display in Hall 1 for a short period from 21st of January (which would have been Captain Brown’s birthday) until the 19th February. The collection will then be withdrawn so we can conduct our own research and also prepare for a permanent display due to be lauched later in 2017. Please be advised the log books are not yet available for research or display.

It is fair to say that Captain Brown was by many measures the Fleet Air Arm’s most significant pilot of the post-war period. He holds a world record for the most aircraft carrier take-offs – 2,407 and the most landings – 2,271, and on 3rd December 1945 became the first ever pilot to take off and land a jet aircraft – the Sea Vampire - on a carrier. Come and see a selection of his medals in this temporary, but powerful display. (Vampire is also located in Hall 3).

Image: Eachan Hardie and Dave Morris 

Eachan Hardie – 11-year old who, after striking up a correspondence with Captain Brown, campaigned to save the medals and log books.

David Morris – curator of aircraft at the Fleet Air Arm Museum, who got to know Captain Brown well.

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