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Leading Edge

Learn more about the theory of flight and see some truly exceptional aircraft including the first British built Concorde, and two delta wing test aircraft - the Handley Page 115 and the Fairey Delta Two.  

With key aircraft and engines on display, Leading Edge demonstrates how advances in design and technology allowed the British aircraft industry to lead the world in these fields. Among the unique aircraft on display are the first British built Concorde, the first aircraft to fly at more than 1,000mph the Fairey Delta Two, the delta winged HP115 and the last surviving Westland Wyvern.

Other exhibits in this hall

  • BAC Concorde BAC Concorde
  • Hawker P1127 Hawker P1127
  • Bristol Scout D Bristol Scout D
  • Handley Page HP115 Handley Page HP115
  • British Aircraft Corporation 221 British Aircraft Corporation 221
  • Sea Harrier FRS.1 (XZ493) Sea Harrier FRS.1 (XZ493)

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