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Westland Wyvern TF1

VR137 - Westland Wyvern TF1. Built at Yeovil in 1947 as the last TF1 pre-production aircraft, to Spec. N.11/44 - never flown

30/11/1950 - by road to the College of Aeronautics at Cranfield as a training aid
01/05/1954 - noted at Cranfield during Air Britain tour - in bare metal with just '137' on side of fuselage
05/1963 - bought by Historic Aircraft Preservation Society
02/1966 - to FAAM
07/1971 - painted in an operational type colour scheme
1997 - paint started being removed to bring the airframe back to its bare metal scheme

2012 - into Reserve Collection at Cobham Hall Store
2013 - On display in Hall 4


Role - Torpedo strike fighter

Manufacturers - Westland of Yeovil

Power Plant - 2,690hp Rolls Royce Eagle 22 piston engine

Wingspan - 44ft

Length - 39ft 3ins

Height - 15ft 9ins

Weight - 21,879lbs

Max Speed - 456mph at 23,000ft

Range - 1,186 miles

Armament - Nil (for this aircraft)

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