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Westland Wessex HAS3 (XP142)

Westland Wessex HAS3 (XP142)

Built as an HAS1

18/06/1962 - first flight
02/07/1962 - to AHU RNAY Fleetlands
06/07/1962 - to 845 NAS (HMS Albion), coded J/A
09/1965 - arrived at NASU Culdrose
24/05/1966 - at RNAY Fleetlands
08/1966 - to 706NAS at Culdrose, coded 574/CU
27/07/1967 - to Westland Helicopters Ltd for HAS3 conversion 22/08/1969 - at NASU Culdrose
15/09/1969 - to 814 NAS at Culdrose coded 270/H
14/07/1970 - NASU Culdrose
16/11/1970 - to 706 NAS at Culdrose as 570/CU
30/06/1971 - at RNAY Fleetlands
07/06/1973 - NASU Yeovilton
15/07/1975 - to 829 NAS, Hampshire Flt coded 402/HA
01/04/1976 - to 737 NAS, Fife Flt coded 404/FF
09/01/1978 - to RNAY Fleetlands
17/02/1978 - back to 737 NAS as 404/FF
17/09/1979 - to RNAY Fleetlands
06/021981 - to 737 NAS at Portland coded 663/PO
29/03/1982 - to 737 NAS Antrim Flt coded 406/AN named Humphrey ~ operating out of Gibraltar on Operation Springtrain
02/04/1982 - ship ordered to the South Atlantic
10/04/1982 - arrived at Ascension Island by now painted in low-viz marks with code removed
22/04/1982 - Rescued Special Forces from Fortuna Glacier on South Georgia after two Wessex HU5's crashed
23/04/1982 - Rescued Special Forces from Geminis adrift in Cumberland Bays
25/04/1982 - flown by Lt/Cmdr I Stanley, depth charged Santa Fe 21/05/1982 - Suffered splinter damage when ship attacked by Grupo 6 Daggers near entrance of San Carlos Water
26/05/1982 - airworthy again
29/06/1982 - sailed with ship from Port Howard,West Falkland for the UK 17/07/1982 - arrived at Portsmouth
18/07/1982 - flown off to Portland
26/07/1982 - by road to FAAM and put on display in Falklands exhibition 06/09/1994 - Taken off display, into storage
23/06/1995 - 02/10/1995 - at Lee on Solent for 50th anniversary day 19/03/2002 - on display in Unforgotten Falklands
2012 - on display in Falklands 30 Exhibition


Role - Anti submarine helicopter

Manufacturers - Westland Helicopters

Power plant - One 1,600 shp Napier Gazelle 165 gas turbine

Rotor Diameter - 56ft

Length - 65ft 10.5ins

Height - 14ft 5ins

Weight - 12,600lbs loaded

Max speed - 135mph at sea level

Duration - 390 miles

Armament - Combination of 2 Mk44/46 torpedoes or 2 Mk11 depth charges



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  • Wessex HAS.3 (XP142) Wessex HAS.3 (XP142)
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  • Sopwith Pup (replica) (N6452) Sopwith Pup (replica) (N6452)

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