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Vickers Supermarine Scimitar F1

XD317/112/R - Vickers Supermarine Scimitar F1 Built at South Marston to Spec N113P to Contract 6/Aircraft/8812/CB5(b)

11/11/1959 - TOC at RNAS Lossiemouth
23/02/1960 - to 807NAS and coded '197/R'
03/1961 - recoded '197/C'
23/06/1961 - to RNAS Lossiemouth AHU
20/10/1961 - to RNAY Fleetlands via Lee-on-Solent
03/11/1961 - to AHU Tengah onboard SS Benarty from Southampton
12/02/1962 - to 807NAS as '195/C'
28/02/1962 - Port aileron tip damaged by crane, Trincomalee, Cat LQ
18/04/1962 - mid air collision with XD332 off Malta in formation flypast Cat LQ (pilot - TJ Notley)
16/05/1962 - to RNAS Lossiemouth
24/06/1962 - to RNAY Fleetlands via Lee-on-Solent
28/11/1962 - to 736NAS
14/01/1963 - to 800NAS as '112/R'
08/04/1963 - bird strike on finals Lossiemouth, Cat LQ (pilot Lt AM Hickling)
15/04/1963 - bird strike Cat LQ (pilot - Lt LC Marshall)
24/10/1963 - probe broke in flight refuelling with a Valiant, Cat LQ (pilot Lt AM Hickling)
27/02/1964 - to RNAY Fleetlands for modernisation
07/10/1965 - towed to RNAS Lee-on-Solent
22/11/1965 - departed RNAS Lee on Solent, diverted to Boscombe Down with hydraulic problems
26/11/1965 - returned to Lee on Solent
06/01/1966 - to RAE Thurleigh for DAX 1 arrester gear intensive trials
24/01/1966 - on C(A) loan
10/03/1966 - RAE Farnborough for limited flight trials of TER and two store carriers
01/04/1966 - RAE Thurleigh
27/07/1966 - to NASU at RNAS Brawdy
03/11/1966 - to Airwork FRU at Hurn
10/1967 - noted with code '033'
12/1968 - recoded '833'
04/08/1969 - delivered to RNAS Yeovilton for FAAM
18/09/1969 - Officially SOC


Role - Single seat medium and high level fighter, fighter reconnaissance or low level nuclear strike aircraft

Manufacturers - Vickers Supermarine

Power Plant - Two Rolls Royce Avon 202 turbojets each 11,250 static thrust

Wingspan - 37ft 2ins

Length - 55ft 4ins

Height - 17ft 4ins

Weight - 34,200lbs loaded

Max Speed - 710mph at sea level

Range - 1,422 miles

Armament - Four 30mm Aden guns or four Bullpup air to ground missiles or four Sidewinder air to air missiles.  In the strike role - four 500lb bombs or 1,000lb bombs or twenty four 3in rockets, also nuclear weapon

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