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Sopwith Pup (replica) (N6452)

Built by EMK Aircraft (Skysport Engineering)

12/04/1983 - first flight at Old Warden as G-BIAU
07/1983 - noted at Cranfield Airshow
01/08/1983 - by now at the Whitehall Theatre of War
10/06/1985 - arrived at FAAM after being bought at auction
13/09/1989 - Certificate of Airworthiness expired

TECHNICAL DETAILS  (For original aircraft)

Role - Single seat fighting scout

Manufacturers - Sopwith Aviation Company Ltd and Beardmore & Co Ltd

Power Plant - One 80hp Le Rhone

Wingspan - 26ft 6ins

Length - 19ft 3.75ins

Height - 9ft 5ins

Weight - 1,225lbs loaded

Max Speed - 111.5mph at sea level

Duration - 3hrs endurance

Armament - One fixed synchronised Lewis machine gun forward on Western Front aircraft, one Lewis gun firing up through the centre or eight Le Prieur rockets mounted on the interplane struts on shipborne aircraft

Other exhibits in this hall

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