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McDonnell Phantom FG1

XT596 - McDonnell Phantom FG1, built as YF4K prototype at St Louis, Missouri - Line no - 1527

31/08/1966 - first flight
Date unknown - at Edwards AFB 
Date unknown - at NAS Patuxent River
28/04/1969 - to MinTech/MOD(PE) charge
01/05/1969 - to Rolls Royce Hucknall
02/03/1970 - first flight after Rolls Royce instrumentation installed
11/06/1970 - to RAE Bedford
17/07/1970 - to Rolls Royce Hucknall
02/04/1971 - to Bristol Siddeley Engines at Filton
06/1972 - to Hawker Siddeley Aviation at Holme at Spalding Moor for equipment trials
01/1974 - back to RAE Bedford
11/10/1974 - severely damaged, taxing trials, tyre burst, aircraft slew, damage to fin, spar and undercarriage - left unrepaired until 25/01/1975
08/1980 - by now repaired and noted with BAe until 06/1981
13/10/1982 - engine runs at BAe Holme, also on 20th, 22nd and on numerous occasions until 5/83
05/12/1983 - left for BAe Scampton and used for various trials
19/01/1988 - flown into FAAM


Role - Two seat interceptor fighter

Manufacturers - McDonnell Aircraft

Power Plant - Two Rolls Royce Spey 201 turbofans each of 12,250lbs static thrust

Wingspan - 38ft 5ins

Length - 57ft 7ins

Height - 16ft 1in

Weight - 56,000lbs loaded

Max Speed - 1,386mph

Range - 2,500 miles ferry range Armament - Four fuselage mounted Sparrow III air to air missiles and four Sidewinder air to air missiles below the wings, could be adapted to carry up to 10,000lbs bombs, rockets or missiles for attack duties.

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