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Grumman Hellcat II (KE209)

Ex 79779 - construction number 10924 - built as a F6F-5

03/1945 - signed out
09/04/1945 - delivered
12/05/1945 - test flown at US Naval Station Brooklyn N.Y.
13/05/1945 - test flown at Roosevelt Field N.Y.
13/06/1945 - taken on Charge
05/07/1945 - first flight in UK, at A.A.U.-1 and approved
27/07/1945 - Mods embodied by Blackburns at Abbotsinch
30/07/1945 - to RNAS Anthorn
01/09/1945 - storage treatment at Anthorn
06/09/1945 - to RNAS Stretton
11/1945 - into storage
29/06/1946 - issued by storage section at Lee-on-Solent to RNAS Lossiemouth, ferried by CO of Lossie, Capt DGFW MacIntyre DSO DSC and maintained by Station Flight
06/1946 - logs marked 'Captain's Hellcat'
18/07/1946 - into Lossiemouth workshops
31/07/1946 - onto Lossiemouth charge
04/1970 - to RNAS Yeovilton for FAAM
2012 - currently on display in FAAM


Role - Single seat fighter

Manufacturers - Grumman Aircraft Engineering Corporation

Power Plant - One 2,250hp Pratt and Whitney Double Wasp R-2800-10W

Wingspan - 42ft 10ins

Length - 33ft 7ins

Height - 14ft 5ins

Weight - 13,808lbs max

Max Speed - 392mph at 19,500ft

Duration - 1,115 miles max

Armament - Six 0.50 calibre guns in wings, six 60lb rocket projectiles or two 1,000lb bombs below the wings

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