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Fairey Firefly TT1 (Z2033)

Repainted to portray the markings of 'Evelyn Tentions'

1944 - construction number F5607, built at Hayes
30/04/1944 - to 15MU at Wroughton
03/1945 - to 731 NAS at Easthaven
09/08/1945 - taxiing accident, starboard wing struck MT vehicle (pilot S/Lt RE Patterson RN)
08/1945 - to Fairey Aircraft at Hamble for repairs
08/10/1945 - to Fairey Aircraft at Ringway
01/04/1946 - test flown after repair (pilot - Albert Eyskens)
29/05/1946 - flew as G-6-3 as a flying mock-up and spin clearance aircraft in the Firefly trainer programme (pilot - F/Lt Sam Moseley) 23/09/1946 - commenced spin trials (pilot - F/Lt Sam Moseley) 08/08/1947 - to Boscombe Down for service spinning trials, before returning to Ringway
09/1947 - returned for further spinning trials at Boscombe Down
10/1947 - returned to Ringway
28/05/1948 - test flown (pilot - Sam Moseley)
05/06/1948 - flown to White Waltham (pilot - Sam Moseley), used in various trials including that of a one piece hood
15/02/1949 - to Svensk Flygtjanst in Sweden to act as a target tug with registration SE-BRD (pilot - Peter Twiss)
16/03/1964 - cancelled from the Swedish register
05/05/1964 - flown to Skyframe Museum at Staverton from Gothenburg (pilot - Tage Paller) and registered G-ASTL
1978 - to Imperial War Museum at Duxford
25/07/2000 - to FAAM by road and put in Cobham Hall
26/09/2000 - brought over from Cobham Hall and put in restoration hangar
14/11/2000 - placed on display in Hall 2
23/06/2005 - taken off display and transferred to Cobham Hall store
2012 - on display at FAAM

F1 version

Role - Target Tug

Manufacturers - Fairey Aviation Co

Power plant - One 1,730hp Rolls Royce Griffon IIB

Wingspan - 44ft 6ins

Length - 37ft 7ins

Height - 12ft 4ins

Weight - 14,020lbs loaded

Max speed - 316mph at 14,000ft

Duration - 1,300 miles

Armament - Nil as target tug but fitted with a winch


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