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de Havilland Sea Vixen FAW2

XS590/131/E - de Havilland Sea Vixen. Built at Harwarden c/n 10148

03/02/1966 - first Flight
08/03/1966 - 892 NAS at RNAS Yeovilton as 303/H (4.15hrs)
15/12/1966 - to RNAY Belfast (279.20hrs)
01/1967 - with 892 NAS
18/02/1968 - NASU Yeovilton (551.5hrs)
23/02/1968 - RNAY Belfast (552.15hrs)
31/01/1969 - ASU Brawdy (553.15hrs)
12/03/1969 - with 899NAS as 131/E (558.15hrs)
16/04/1970 - NASU Yeovilton (789.3hrs)
06/05/1970 - into LTS
31/08/1970 - de-preserved
26/11/1970 - presented to FAAM
06/1971 - held by NASU till at least this date before being taken over to the museum
2012 - on display in FAAM


Role - Two seat all weather interceptor or strike fighter

Manufacturers - Hawker Siddeley Aviation Ltd

Power Plant - Two Rolls Royce Avon 208 turbojets each of 11,230 lb static thrust

Wingspan - 51ft

Length - 55ft 7ins

Height - 10ft 9ins

Weight - 37,000lbs loaded

Max Speed - 700mph at sea level

Range - nearly 2,000 miles max

Armament - Four Red Top air to air missiles.

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