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Bristol Scout D

N5419 - Bristol Scout D (replica), built in USA by Leo Opdyke and wore US civil reg N5419, flown once.

05/1986 - noted in the RAF Museum reserve store at Cardington
?/?/? - bought by Sir George White from RAFM
30/10/1993 - arrived at Banwell, near Weston super Mare on loan to the Bristol Aero Collection
1996 - moved with the collection to Kemble Airfield
30/11/1998 - arrived at FAAM on loan from Sir George White

TECHNICAL DETAILS (original aircraft)

Role - Single seat scout

Manufacturers - British and Colonial Aeroplane Co Ltd, Filton and Brislington, Bristol

Power Plant - One 80hp Gnome

Wingspan - 24ft 7ins

Length - 20ft 8ins

Height - 8ft 6ins

Weight - 1,190lbs loaded

Max speed - 93mph at sea level

Range - 2.5 hour endurance

Armament - Anti - Zeppelin aircraft carried 48 Ranken Darts, some aircraft had one Lewis gun above the centre section.

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