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Blackburn Skua II (L2490)

Blackburn Skua II [L2490]

Built to Specification 0.27/34

27/04/1939 - flown to 8MU
14/04/1940 - Donibristle Storage Section to 800 NAS at Hatston
20/04/1940 - air test of 25mins by Major Partridge RM with 800 NAS out of Hatston
23/04/1940 - flown onto HMS Ark Royal with 800 NAS at 0520 - 40min flight from Hatston
25/04/1940 - 4hr 20min flight starting at 0555 (fighter patrol)
26/04/1940 - 2hr 5min flight starting at 1410
27/04/1940 - engine failure over Norway. Force landed on the frozen surface of Lake Breidal, and the cockpit area set alight to destroy aircraft. During the 2hr 45min flight crew had engaged a HE111. Both Capt Partridge RM and Lt RS Bostock were unhurt, aircraft sank through the ice to the bottom
08/1973 - found by sub-aqua club
07/1974 - aircraft recovered by Naval Air Command Sub Aqua Club
27/08/1974 - arrived at Lee-on-Solent via HMAV AUDEMER
13/04/1975 - arrived at FAAM


Role - Fighter and Dive bomber

Manufacturers - Blackburn Aircraft Ltd

Power Plant - One 890hp Bristol Perseus XII

Wingspan - 46ft 2ins (15ft 6ins folded)

Length - 35ft 4ins

Height - 12ft 6ins

Weight - 8,240lbs loaded

Max Speed - 225mph at 6,500ft

Duration - 480 nautical miles (fighter) or 720 nautical miles (bomber)

Armament - Four Browning machine guns in the wings, one manually operated Lewis gun in rear cockpit, one 500lb bomb below fuselage and eight 20lb practice bombs on light stores carriers below wings


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