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Fairey Albacore (N4389)

Fairey Albacore (N4389)

This aircraft, the only known surviving example, was built from parts of two different aircraft, N4172 and N4389 - known details of both aircraft are given


10/10/1940 - delivered to 828 NAS at RNAS Lee-on-Solent; At Hatston
01/04/1941 - crashed at A'Mhoine, Whiten Head, Sutherland (Lt/Cdr LA Cubitt RN, S/Lt MG Goodger RN and PO DE Polmeer)
12/10/1974 - wreckage removed by Puma HC1 XW212 of 33 Sqdn to RAF Kinloss; to FAAM store at Wroughton; to Lands End airfield for rebuild project for FAAM
15/04/1987 - rebuilt fuselage arrived at FAAM marked as N4389 coded 4M of 827 NAS


13/04/1941 - delivered to Eastleigh
07/1941 - with 827 NAS as 4M on HMS Victorious
30/07/1941 - while taking part in the raid on Kirkeness, the aircraft was shot down and crashed east of Reinoy (S/Lt D Myles RN, S/Lt AP Keep RN and LA HC Griffin all taken Prisoners of War)
1984 - tail recovered and used in rebuild at Lands End


Role - Three seat torpedo bomber

Manufacturers - Fairey Aviation Co

Power Plant - One 1,065hp Bristol Taurus II or 1,130hp Bristol Taurus XII

Wingspan - 50ft

Length - 39ft 9.5ins

Height - 15ft 3ins

Weight - 11,900lbs max

Max Speed - 169mph at 4,500ft

Duration - 1,050 miles max

Armament - One fixed Browning gun in starboard wing fairing firing forward and one Vickers K gun in rear cockpit, one 18in 1,610lb torpedo beneath fuselage or six 250lb or three 500lb bombs in external racks below wings, or four MkVII depth charges

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