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BAC Concorde

G-BSST - BAC Concorde

09/04/1969 - f/f from Filton to Fairford to undertake flight trials - pilot - Brian Trubshaw
30/10/1974 - CoA expired
04/03/1976 - flown into Yeovilton for preservation at FAAM
26/07/1976 - opened to the public for the first time


Role - Prototype Supersonic Passenger Aircraft Manufacturers - British Aircraft Corporation/Sud Aviation

Engine - 4 x Bristol Siddeley Olympus with reheat

Wingspan - 83ft 10ins

Length - 184ft 2ins

Height - 38ft

Weight - 326,000lbs Max speed - Mach 2.2

Range - 2,205 miles

Armament - Nil

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