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Events, Exhibitions and Family Activities

Throughout the year the Fleet Air Arm Museum hold numerous, exciting and memorable events and family activities. 

Event Opening Times
All our events take place during the Museum's normal opening hours, unless otherwise stated.

SOFFAAM Talk - ‘A BRIDGE TOO FAR’. : 30th Jun 2022


Michael was in a unique position with his experience in RAF Transport Command to be adviser to Richard Attenborough, the Director of this iconic film.

Launch of Fleet Air Arm Boys - Vol 3.: 9th Jul 2022


Following the success of FAAB Vol 1+2, the Museum is pleased to work in partnership with Navy Wings and Grub Street to host the launch of FAAB Vol 3.

Curator Talks - HMS Ark Royal Bell: 13th Jul 2022


The FAA Museum curators will choose a significant object on display in the museum and give a ten minute presentation to visitors.

Carrier Curiosity - Carrier Family Activity Trail: 23rd Jul 2022 to 4th Sep 2022


A brand new activity trail comes to Fleet Air Arm Museum during the Summer Holidays.

SOFFAAM Talk - 'The Buccaneer in Service': 28th Jul 2022


An evening talk hosted by the Society of Friends Fleet Air Arm Museum.

Carrier Curiosity - F-35 VR experience: 29th Jul 2022 to 4th Sep 2022


Experience an exciting simulated flight onboard an F-35 jet, with our VR headset experience.

FAAMily Fun in the Sun! in association with Aggie Weston's: 25th Aug 2022


Join us on the Fleet Air Arm Museum green for fun, games and maybe an Ice cream or two from our pop up shop!

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