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RNAS Yeovilton Air Day: 7th July 2018

RNAS Yeovilton Air Day

Saturday 7th July

One of the largest airshows in the country, held right in our own backyard at RNAS Yeovilton! Spectacular flying displays will feature fast jets, historic warbirds, classic jets, helicopters, formation flying teams and aerobatics!

Over 30,000 visitors annually attending this amazing and exciting event. Come and join us for an action packed day.

Tickets for Yeovilton Air Day are available directly from the Ticket Box at the Museum. For more information please contact the ticket box on 01935 842616.

These advance tickets will be available until 5pm on the 6th July. It is with regret that the Museum does not sell Air Day tickets over the phone or online.

See the Royal Navy website for further details and online ticket availability.


Please Note: Air Day ticket holders will receive a 50% discount off individual tickets to the Museum upon production of their Air Day ticket.

Parking NOTICE

RNAS Yeovilton Air Day 2018 - 6th and 7th July

We aplogise for the disruption to our visitors on the 6th and 7th of July. RNAS Yeovilton hosts its annual Air Day on the 8th July and the site will welcome 30,000 visitors. The main disruption for our visitors is parking provision, once within the site the Museum will operate as normal. 

Friday 6th July

Access to the Museum Car Park will not be available for visitors. Alternative provisions have been made on the sports field / MOD parking area adjacent to the Museum site (free - signage provided)

Saturday 7th July – Air Day

The Museum Car Park will be closed to visitors on Saturday 7th July. Parking is available but on a strictly on a first come first serve basis within the various overflow car parks servicing the wider Air Day event. The Museum has no control over this and you will be directed as appropriate by event marshals to a sufficient parking area. This may be some distance from the Museum and you may have a 10 minute walk to our site.

Those with disabled badges can park in the disabled section in Fury Car Park. Access to Fury Car Park E is available via Hawk House / Wayne’s junction on the A303 to the east of the site. Access can be obtained via Stockwitch Cross by following signage for the disabled parking area. 

There will be delays departing the site, especially between 5pm and 6pm as the bulk of the public depart the event. We are sorry for any inconvenience.

For advice in advance and on the day, please contact 01935 842622.

7th July - Air Day Parking Plan

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