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Welcome to the Contact page of the Fleet Air Arm Museum.

Please contact us using the details below.

For general enquiries please email [email protected] or telephone the main landline on 01935 842600 (direct dial).  

Department: Visitation and Ticketing Enquiries
Contact/s: (phone manned by the daily Duty Manager)
Tel: 01935 842600
Department: General Manager
Contact/s: Marc Farrance
Tel: 01935 840565 ext. 2202
Department: Conservation / Engineering
Contact/s: Dave Morris
Tel: 01935 840565 ext. 2212
Department: Group Bookings
Tel: 01935 842600
Department: Public Programming
Contact/s: Elliott Bailey
Tel: 01935 840565 Ext:2204
Department: Public Events and Functions
Contact/s: Marc Farrance
Tel: 01935 840565 Ext:2202

The Navy's Air War 1914-18