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Welcome to the Contact page of the Fleet Air Arm Museum.

Please contact us using the details below.

if you cannot locate the contact you are looking for, please telephone 01935 842600 or email [email protected]

Department: Visitation and Ticketing Enquiries
Contact/s: (phone manned by the daily Duty Manager)
Tel: 01935 842600
Department: General Manager
Contact/s: Marc Farrance
Tel: 01935 840565 ext. 2202
Department: Conservation / Engineering
Contact/s: Dave Morris
Tel: 01935 840565 ext. 2212
Department: Group Bookings
Tel: 01935 842600
Department: Public Programming
Contact/s: Elliott Bailey
Tel: 01935 840565 Ext:2204
Department: Public Events and Functions
Contact/s: Marc Farrance
Tel: 01935 840565 Ext:2202

The Navy's Air War 1914-18