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Children at War - Rationing


Children at War - Rationing

The resources in this pack give a direct insight into the lives of children in the Second World War; what was deemed vital, what was valued and how Britain managed.  These memories demonstrate how resourceful communities and individuals can be in difficult circumstances and how small things or simple experiences can give life its quality. 

The pack includes material useful to pupils studying post-war and modern day Britain and as a comparative study with experiences of civilians in other countries and other conflicts, for history or citizenship work.

The web film in this pack is 55Mb in size, and will NOT play while you are downloading it. Unlike other online video, it has been designed for saving to your hard disc and viewing offline more than once (maybe in the classroom). Please allow plenty of time for downloading. 

You will need to register to access some of the content available. You can do so here.

A VISIT TO THE MUSEUM is an ideal way to put the resources in this pack in context using the Museum's exhibitions and activity workshops. 

Workshops and talks available at the Museum are listed in the Secondary School History and Citizenship Brochure

Of particular relevance to this pack are:

  • The Home Front (KS4)
  • The Evacuation Special Programme for Primary Schools.  Any of the sessions included in this programme can be adapted to be suitable for older pupils.
  • Role of the Aircraft in WW2 - Presentation - 1 hour
  • WW2 Artefacts and Archives

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