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The museum comprises of four large halls. Each hall has ground floor and upper levels telling the stories of naval aviation from the first manned kites towed behind naval vessels, to helium filled airships, seaplanes, bi-planes and the carrier borne aircraft of WW2 and modern Sea Harriers and helicopters.



Hall 1


Hall 1 dramatically presents the development of naval aviation from early bi-planes to today's formidable air power from the sea.

Hall 2

Hall 2

Hall Two houses mainly aircraft associated with World War 2 (1939 -1945).

Hall 3

Hall 3

The Aircraft Carrier Experience was created to show naval aircraft in its natural home.

Hall 4

Hall 4

Learn more about the theory of flight, see some exceptional aircraft including the first British built Concorde, and two delta wing test aircraft.

First Floor and Gallery

First Floor

The first floor and gallery contain six fascinating exhibitions.

New Exhibitions

Pioneers to Professionals: Women and the Royal Navy

New exhibitions opening soon at the Fleet Air Arm Museum.

Make a Collection Enquiry


Information about how to make an collection enquiry to the Fleet Air Arm Museum's curatorial services.

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