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Group Visits

Information for organisers of groups of 15 or more visiting the Fleet Air Arm Museum.

Current Group Rate Admission Prices

Adult: £12.75

Child: £9.40

Senior/Student/Concessionary : £11.25

(Please note that if a visit is not pre-booked with Group Bookings then standard Museum admission charges will apply).

To arrange your group visit, plan your programme and pre-book our group rates please contact:

Group Bookings

Tel: 01935 842633


With ample parking for coaches and cars, catering facilities, guided tours and special interest talks, the Fleet Air Arm Museum truly welcomes visits from all groups, including, Probus, local history, U3A, ex-service, military, aviation, WI and other special interest groups.

The Museum tells the story of the men, women, aircraft and ships who have served with the fleet air arm - the flying arm of the Royal Navy since the early twentieth century.

Our world renowned collection includes many unique and significant aircraft and a multitude of fascinating personal stories of endeavour and bravery. From the early box kites and seaplanes flown by heroic pioneers, to the remarkable Harrier Jump Jet and modern day helicopters, we have the largest collection of naval aircraft on display in Europe.

In addition, we are proud custodians of Concorde 002, the British prototype of the world's only supersonic commercial aircraft, one of the world's greatest engineering achievements and an iconic symbol of post-war design and glamorous air travel.

The Museum is an excellent venue for a group visit. We have displays and facilities to engage all age groups and interests. We offer a dedicated group booking service to help organisers plan an excellent day out for their guests. We recognise that some groups have special interests and requirements and we will do all we can to meet them. Pre-booked groups will enjoy the benefit of a meet and greet on arrival (staff allowing) and may book guided tours, special interest talks and discounted group meal options. Most groups find that a 4 hour visit plus time for lunch works well although shorter visits are equally rewarding.


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