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History Programmes

Please see the Planning Your Visit page for entrance and workshop prices

Touching the Past – The World at War (WW1)

This investigative workshop uses artefacts, photographs and written sources to reveal experiences of men and women who served in WW1. Choices for study include a WW1 pilot, a soldier serving in the trenches, an officer serving at Gallipolli, a prisoner of war, a woman in the Navy (WRNS) an air mechanic and the homefront. Pupils will also gain an overview of these topics and will complete a research booklet to take back to school

Curriculum Links:  

  • History: Challenges for Britain, Europe and the wider world 1901 to the present day; GCSE, Britain at War.



Touching the Past – The World at War (WW2)

In this investigative workshop, students will work with a range of primary and secondary sources from our collection in order to gain an understanding of the impact that the Second World War had on the world.

Curriculum Links:  

  • History: Challenges for Britain, Europe and the wider world 1901 to the present day; GCSE, Britain at War.

The Changing Nature of Naval Warfare 1909 - Modern Day

In the modern world, air supremacy is considered vital to military success. This workshop tracks the use development of aircraft throughout a variety of conflicts, from early World War One to modern day. Where possible, you will be guided through the changing nature of naval warfare by one of our knowledgeable volunteers, many of whom have first-hand experience of the conflicts themsleves. This workshop can be somewhat tailored to your needs, with nore of a focus on one particular conflict if you wish.

Curriculum links:

  • History: IGCSE, The Changing Nature of Warfare; Challenges for Britain, Europe and the wider worls 1901 to the present day, GCSE, Britain at War.



The Battle of Britain

Investigate the first battle ever to take place entirely in the air and why Allied success was so important to Britain’s continued participation in the war.

Investigate why the Battle of Britain was so significant to the course of World War 2, a turning point militarily and vital to restore Britain’s morale after (Dunkirk) the retreat from Europe. Explore the experience of the young aircrews; including the 54 Fleet Air Arm pilots who fought alongside their RAF and Allied colleagues throughout the Battle. This session uses aircrew equipment, photographs, film and personal records, including some for South West England, to enable young researchers to access both military and personal perspectives on the Battle. Pupils are provided with a Battle of Britain Logbook to record their research and as a resource for follow up work back at school.

Curriculum links:

  • History: a study of an aspect or theme in British history that extends pupils’ chronological understanding beyond 1066, a local history study.
  • PSHE: Develop empathy for the experiences of those who took part and for those whose futures depended upon them.

Outreach Sessions

For some of our sessions, we may be able to come to you. Costs start at £4.50 per child per workshop, with additional travel expenses at 45p per mile.

The minimum charge is for 20 children per session, with a maximum of 35.

Depending on availability, we may also be able to run two classes of workshops simultaneously. Please enquire for more details via [email protected].


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