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Archive Film Night: 16th May 2014

Archive Film Night

As part of the UK's annual Museums at Night, the Fleet Air Arm Museum will screen some archive films of Fleet Air Arm activity from the 1930s through WW2 to jets and helicopters.

The film show will take place in the Museum's Swordfish Centre at 7.30pm.

Films will include:

A Royal Navy airship operating in the Dardanelles in WW1

We all know about the trenches on the Western Front during the First World War. We know a bit about Gallipoli and the actions in the Dardanelles, but not many people realise that the Royal Naval Air Service, forerunner of the Fleet Air Arm, had bases in the Aegean.From these airbases, they operated not only aeroplanes against but airships. This vinatge footage gives us a glimpse of what this involved.

Carrier Operations 1932

Fast forward to the 1930s, and the Fleet Air Arm shows off its carrier-borne squadrons in HMS Renown and HMS Furious. And 'shows off' is the right expression. With a mix of Faireyu IIIFs and Blackburn Ripons, HMS Furious had 33 aircraft embarked!

Training Pilots in WW2

What does it take to train a pilot? Follow the progress of WW2 recruits as they join the Fleet Air Arm with the aim of taking to the sky over the seas.

HMS Victorious circa 1990

Send her Victorious! See life on board the Floating Fortress that was HMS Victorious. We join her in the Mediterranean circa 1960 when her air group consisted of Supermarine Scimitars, De Havilland Sea Venoms and Westland Whirlwinds.

Operating Wessex helicopters in a County Class Destroyer in the 1960s

The first problem encountered by anyone operating a large helicopter in a County Class Destroyer was moving the aircraft from its hangar to the flight deck. Unlike an aircraft carrier with a huge lift to move aircraft from the hangar deck to the flight deck, there are no such aids in a Destroyer. This aircraft had to be squeezed along the side of her ship with barely an inch to spare. Once on the tiny flight deck, preparing the take-off needs many pairs of hands and absolute concentration. And of course, the ship doesn't stop. See how it's done.

Bar and food available. Restaurant open from 5.30pm. Bar open from 6.00pm


Film Only - £5.00

Film, Supper & Drink - £12.50

Choice of supper on the night:
Beef or Vegetable Lasagne served with garlic bread & salad
Fish, Chips & Peas.

Available from the Museum Ticket Box or on the door.

Download Film Night poster


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