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Farewell Lynx - Airborne Display: 23rd March 2017

Farewell Lynx - Airborne Display

You are warmly invited to the FAA museum to play your part in the historic decommissioning of the Lynx helicopter from service with the Royal Navy.  On 23 March 2017, 815 Naval Air Squadron of RNAS Yeovilton will for the last time launch a Lynx helicopter that will conduct a flying display over the airfield.  You will be able to view this from the rear of the museum where you will be able to witness her very last flight.  The Lynx has been a world leader in maritime operations for the last 41 years.  It may also still have an analogue cockpit and be oily and battle-scarred; but for those who have flown, maintained and enjoyed its presence in the skies overhead will no doubt mourn the passing of this hugely-successful all British maritime helicopter.  Four decades in operational theatres as diverse as Antarctica, the Far East, the Arabian Gulf and Caribbean are being brought to a fitting end with the opening of the external viewing area at the FAA Museum. 

The Farewell Lynx Event, running concurrently with the formal military decommissioning ceremony, provides the perfect opportunity for the ex-Lynx community to meet up with old flight members and shipmates, or for members of the public to simply browse the Lynx exhibitions, watch her final airborne display, and become part of this aircraft’s great history.  Museum staff will be on-hand to discuss the history in greater depth, and a Book of Commemoration will be donated by 815 Naval Air Squadron for your comments, memories and stories.  There will also be an opportunity to purchase a limited stock of Lynx memorabilia including pictures and prints to support the Squadron’s charity funds.

The airborne display will commence at 11.45am and last for approx 6 minutes. Entry to the external viewing area is free with a valid Museum ticket.

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